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Morning all.

Restarting of Volleyball

The committee met on Tuesday evening to discuss the resumption of Volleyball at Winchester.

Clearly there are a plethora of restrictions that we are having to take into consideration and also guidance from Government and Volleyball England, who we are affiliated with.

We had come to the conclusion that we would try and restart on Wednesday 8th of July, however and after taking further counsel from Volleyball England and in particular the insurance that covers us, we feel it unwise to start at the moment and wait until restrictions are eased. Our insurance will only cover us if we strictly adopt a maximum of 6 people (and that does not mean we can have 6 one side of the field and 6 on the other!) and that a ball can only be shared between two people. 

I am sure you are all desperate to resume normal life and get back to playing volleyball, but the risks at this time far outweigh the gains. 

Trust me, as soon as we have eased restrictions we will start immediately but only after carefully considering the risks to all of our members and non-members.

If you have any thoughts feel free to drop me a line, but for now, stay safe and see you all soon

Kind Regards


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Training cancelled.. for now.

Posted by Jon Bance at Mar 17, 2020 12:18PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hi all.

I hope everyone is well..

Due to the world events the committee have decided to cancel training nights, both Monday and Wednesday night until further notice.

The health of all of those that normally attend is of paramount importance and until further guidelines are issued, it is only right we follow the UK governments advice.

I hope you all understand and we will of course update you when we know more.

Please, all take care.

Kindest Regards