Great come back for the Ladies at HVA

Posted by Winchester Eagles Volleyball Club on Feb 26 2023 at 09:55AM PST in 2022/2023

What an epic adventure for the Winchester Eagles Ladies at HVA today. After a half-an-hour wait outside a locked gate, the Grand Prix finally got the go-ahead and the Ladies got ready for their first game of the morning against Hits and Giggles.
Faced with a strong opposition, the Ladies tried a tactical change to have their strongest servers serve first. Unfortunately, the move backfired. With virtually everyone out of position, the Ladies were not able to come out of “the blue zone” and lost the first set. They put up a good fight in the second set and there were moments of great volleyball but a bit too many errors on the Winchester side meant Hits and Giggles won the game 2-0.
As the Ladies saw their chances of going through to SEVA shrink, they decided to fight back. The delay in getting into the hall in the morning meant coach Robin could not stay for the second game due to prior engagements. The team, however, managed to pull themselves together and have a fresh start. Back to their original rotation, they played extremely well and showed great aggression, securing the first set with a good lead. In the second set, Guernsey Ladies managed to cause some trouble with strong serves and the Winchester Ladies got behind. They were having a good comeback but too late to secure the set so the match went to tie-break. The Ladies won it and went ahead to win the game 2-1.
The last game was against the University of Southampton Team. After a pause for reffing, the Winchester Ladies were starting to feel tired, since they had been playing so many games over the weekend. Yet, in the first set, they did not give the University Team a chance. Strong serves and attacks kept the opposition at a steady distance and the Eagles soon secured the set. The second set was harder, with some strong serves from the University team causing trouble with the Winchester pass. There were some really good rallies and the Ladies fought hard but unfortunately lost the second set. Once again, the tie-break was going to be the decider. The Ladies fought hard and used all their last bits of energy to give 100%, putting in an outstanding performance and totally deserving their 2-1 victory.
Well played everyone and once again thanks to our devoted supporter Carlos for cheering for us throughout the day.


2023-02-27T10:52:05.000-08:00February 27 2023, at 10:52 AM PST, Tania Hernandez said:

Great weekend spent with a fantastic team.! Thank you everyone for giving your utmost throughout this weekend. It was amazing seen all fighting so hard, and being so committed in every point. In all our different ways we contribute and give so much to make a very competitive and excellent team. Thanks Angie for sharing all the excitement we’ve all enjoyed. 🥳