Eagles Double Up At SADVA

Posted by Winchester Eagles Volleyball Club on Jan 14 2023 at 08:57AM PST in 2022/2023

Last night, the Golden Eagles and the Black Eagles Mixed Teams played against each other and against SVC in the SADVA League.
In the first game, the Black Eagles started strong, easily beating SVC 2-0. It was great to see our young new players Tamsin and Anna coming on court so confidently on their first SADVA game. Well done girls! A special mention needs to go to Scott too, for entertaining the audience with his spectacular acrobatic dives.
The second game was an all-Eagles derby and there was a lot of banter across the net. Although the Black Eagles put up a good fight, especially in the second set, the Golden Eagles secured the game with a 2-0 win. It was lovely to see some of our veteran players back on court despite their various ailments. The game saw great performances all around for both Eagles teams.
In the last game the Golden Eagles faced SVC. Despite their best efforts, SVC couldn’t do much against a much stronger and more experienced side. The Eagles took advantage to practise some killer serves, shoot attacks and backcourt hits to add to the fun. It was a quick 2-0 to the Eagles, which allowed both Eagles teams to head early to the pub for the customary celebratory drinks.
Well played everyone!


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