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Eagles Take Home The SADVA Cup

Posted by Angie Bonci Marchant at Mar 15, 2019 3:51PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Brilliant conclusion tonight to an excellent performance throughout the SADVA Cup this season for the Winchester Eagles. The team faced the Academicals in the final and liquidated them in two quick sets. The Eagles took the lead from the start and kept the opposition always at a very safe distance behind. Despite the drama of falling net posts, the team never lost its focus and easily secured a neat 2-0 victory, with the mandatory celebrations in the pub after the game. Well played everyone!

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Double Win at SADVA Cup

Posted by Angie Bonci Marchant at Nov 24, 2018 1:03AM PST ( 1 Comment )

What a great night for the Eagles at the SADVA Cup and what an incredible performance the team pulled. The Eagles were not going to have any easy games, facing two really strong teams – Roke and SVC. However, brilliantly led by captain MacKay, the team immediately took the lead in the first game against Roke, always keeping the opposition at a safe distance a few points behind throughout the first set. With Reidy’s, MacKay’s, Hunt’s and Johnson’s invincible block, Roke was really struggling to score any points, whilst their defence couldn’t cope with the Eagles’ relentless hitting. In the second set, Roke tried to put the Eagles under pressure with their serve but the team reacted well and gave Roke no chances, finishing the game with a neat 2-0.
The second game against SVC proved harder, with the Eagles starting to feel the tiredness after a first intense game and an extremely long warm up. The Eagles secured the first set with great serving and amazing block and defence. The second set slipped by just a few points, with the Eagles struggling to come back quickly enough after a setback due to serving pressure. However, the set closed with the Eagles building great momentum, which was carried over in the tie break. This was a very tight set, with the Eagles having to fight for every point. The great team work paid off and the Eagles secured a 2-1 victory. The team could not have done it without its supporters, who even caught some of the best actions on camera. Watch this space.