Eagles Ladies stay top of SADVA League

Posted by Winchester Eagles Volleyball Club on Mar 11 2023 at 08:34AM PST in 2022/2023

Last night, the Winchester Eagles Ladies Team took home another two victories, securing their place at the top of the SADVA League.
The Eagles had a shaky start in their first set against Roke Ladies. A few passing mistakes followed by some unforced errors meant the Eagles were soon quite a few points behind. However, after a restorative time out wisely called by coach David and a couple of tactical changes, the Ladies regained their composure and started to close the point gap. Unfortunately, it was too late to secure the first set, which went to Roke by a couple of points.
Still, the Eagles had built great momentum, which they carried into the second set, which saw them use aggressive serves and strong attacks from the very first point. With the Eagles “in the red zone” from start to finish, Roke had no chances and the set was soon over with a wide point gap. What a comeback!!!
It was one set all and the tie-break was going to be the decider but the Eagles were running out of time: according to SADVA rules, the tie-break counts only if one of the teams reaches at least five points. Roke was clearly aiming for a draw and were slow to get back on court but the Eagles still managed to get over the five points mark quickly enough through strong serves and powerful hits that cut each rally very short. The Ladies went on to secure the game with a very well-deserved 2-1 score.
The second game against SVC was very quick, with the Eagles dominating from start to finish. SVC simply could not cope with our Ladies powerful and well-placed serves and the game was soon over with the Eagles securing a 2-0 victory. Great job everyone!
With only two more games to play and the team still undefeated, the Eagles Ladies are in a great position to win the SADVA League.
We are hoping to see lots of Eagles supporters join our loyal super fan Carlos to cheer for the Ladies on 31st March. See you all at Woodlands (and at the pub afterwards)!


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